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Jeffrey Lear, Ed.D.



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Research Interests

leadership and learning, instructional leadership, school and community, teacher leadership, ethical leadership, physics/mathematics/science education


Dr. Lear’s Selected Publications and Presentations


·        Lear, Jeffrey. (2019). Mathematics Learning Instrument:  A Correlation and Means Difference Comparison with Federal Accountability Algebra Test Scores. International Journal for Cross-Disciplinary Subjects in Education, 10(3), 4103 - 4111 (Online).  DOI: 10.20533/ijcdse.2042.6364.2019.0500  Infonomics Society IJCDSE Volume 10 ,  PDF from Infonomics Society, Direct


·        Lear, Jeffrey. (2019). Mathematics Learning Instrument: Development of an Algebra Concept Inventory to Measure Metric Sense Conceptual Understanding.  Proceedings of the Canada International Conference on Education (CICE-2019), Mississauga, ON, Canada, pp. xxx ISBN xxx DOI: xxx Available:  publication in CICE-2016 proceedings  Article Available in PDF       Presentation available in PDF

o   Download Algebra Inventory Quantitative Instrument PDF

o   Download Algebra Inventory Quantitative Instrument Word DOCX


·        Wieczorek, D., & Lear, J. (2018). “Building the bridge”: Teacher leadership for learning and distributed organizational capacity for instructional improvement. International Journal of Teacher Leadership, 9(2), 22-47. Available


·       Lear, Jeffrey. (2017). An Examination of How and Why Teachers Participate in Instructional Leadership.

(Dissertation) East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, PA, USA. Full text available here, Available ProQuest #13423605 Summary Findings


·      Wieczorek, Doug & Lear, Jeffrey. (2016). Examining the Blind Spots*: A Systematic Review of Research on Integrating Teacher Leadership and Instructional Leadership Research.  Presentation at University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA), Detriot, MI           Note: *Spillane, Halverson, & Diamond (2004).


·        Lear, Jeffrey. (2017). A Systematic Review of Research: A Second Generation Instructional Design Lens on Physics, Autonomy Support, Gender Gap Reduction, and Measuring Mathematics Reasoning Ability. International Journal of Technology and Inclusive Education, 6(1), 1011-1022. DOI: 10.20533/ijtie.2047.0533.2017.0129 Available:  Infonomics Society , Direct


·       Lear, Jeffrey. (2016). Physics Learning Review: Autonomy Support, Gender Gap Reduction, and Measuring Mathematics Reasoning Ability. Proceedings of the Canada International Conference on Education (CICE-2016), Mississauga, ON, Canada,  pp. 272-280 ISBN 978-1-908320-68-1 DOI: 10.2053/CICE.2016.0067 Available:  publication in CICE-2016 proceedings


·       Lear, J., Godin, S., Werner, S., & Flamisch, M. (2015). Two-Phase Development of the Instructional Teacher Leadership Rating Scale for Building School Capacity (ITLRSBSC): Model Emergence through Pervasive Empirical Grounding and Mixed Method Evaluation Design. International Journal for Cross-Disciplinary Subjects in Education, Special Issue, 5(2), 2523-2532.  DOI: 10.20533/ijcdse.2042.6364.2015.0343 Available: Infonomics Society , Direct


·       Lear, J., Godin, S., Werner, S., & Flamisch, M. (2015). Distributed Leadership: Behaviorally Anchored Development of the Instructional Teacher Leadership Rating Scale for Building School Capacity (ITLRSBSC). Proceedings of the Canada International Conference on Education (CICE-2015), Mississauga, ON, Canada,  pp. 158-164 ISBN 978-1-908320-46-9 Available:  publication in CICE-2015 proceedings


·       Lear, J., Werner, S., & Flamisch, M. (2013). Social intelligence in mathematical discourse: Structure sense and specific instructional practices. Presentation at New England Educational Research Organization (NEERO), Portsmouth, NH: April 2013 ResearchGate DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.20210.50880 Available:  NEERO 2013 Conference Program, website


·        Lear, Jeffrey. (2013). Leadership for Learning. Presentation at Lock Haven University Celebration of Scholarship, Lock Haven, PA: April 2013   Available:  Conference Program, LHU Eagle Eye


·        Lear, Jeffrey. (2013). Leadership for Leaning Effectiveness:  Perceptions of Student Academic Services in the Context of a Social Community. Presentation at the British Educational Research Association (BERA), Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom: September 2013  Available: Conference Acceptance  BERA 2013 Conference Program, abstract, website


·        Lear, Jeffrey (1996). Managing the transition to Windows 95. Presentation at the Residential Network Symposium (ResNet), Stanford University, Stanford, CA: July 1996 Available: ListServ Archives


·        Lear, Jeffrey Charles (1993). Barrelled spaces. Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, 41.  Retrieved from Full Text Available Here  Available ProQuest #EP21603


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British Education Research Association

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PA Educational Leadership Certifications


Principal K-12 (Administration I)


PA Teaching Certifications - Secondary Education




Earth/Space Science

General Science

Citizenship (Social Studies)




2017 Ed.D. East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania - Educational Leadership and Administration

2011 M.Ed. Cabrini College

1993 M.A. Mathematics Kutztown University

1988 B.S. Mathematics Education Lock Haven University


Mentor-Cooperating Teacher


2015 Muhlenberg College student teacher, mathematics, computer programming

2014 Lehigh University student teacher, mathematics, computer programming

2014 DeSales University student teacher, mathematics

2017 Kutztown University student teacher observer, physics, mathematics


Guest Sermon Speaker


2013 – Current

July 19, 2015

Micah Chapter 6;  Key Verse 6:8;  Justice, Love, and Humility

August 16, 2015

Ezekiel Chapter 18;  Key Verses 18:30-31;  A Call for Repentance

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February 9, 2020

Acts Chapter 10; Key Verses 10:34-35;  No Longer Foreigners

Acts Chapter 16;  Key Verse 16:10;  The Gospel Goes to Europe

Hosea Chapter 1; Key Verse 1:2;  Repentance of Unfaithful People

Leviticus Chapter 16; Key Verse 16:16; Day of Atonement

Mark Chapter 14; Key Verse 14:30; Struggling Faith

Luke Chapter 7; Key Verse 7:47; Faith Expressed

Luke Chapter 18; Key Verse 18:17; Childlike Faith

Romans Chapter 11; Key Verse 11:22; Prune and Grafts

Hebrews Chapter 7; Key Verse 7:24; High Priest

Revelations Chapter 22; Key Verse 22:3; Life & Healing

Psalm Chapter 65; Key Verse 65:5 Praise God the Provider

Galatians Chapter 5; Key Verse 5:13 Freedom in Christ

John Chapter 15; Key Verse 15:12; The Joy of Love

Jonah Chapter 3; Key Verse 3:10 A Wake-up Call

Acts Chapter 8; Key Verse 8:35 Called to Break Down Barriers

Daniel Chapter3; Key Verse 3:28

2 Chronicles Chapter 6; Key Verse 6:15

John Chapter 21; Key Verse 21:15

Genesis Chapter 2: Key Verse 2:24  God Creates the Family

Genesis Chapter 18: Key Verse 21:1 The Birth of the Promised Son

Genesis Chapter 28: Key Verse 28:15 Jacob’s Dream

Psalm 103: Key Verse 103:12 Love and Worship God

Philippians Chapter 1; Key Verse 1:12 Rejoice in all Circumstances

Psalm 66: Key Verse 66:1 Our Mighty God

Luke Chapter 14; Key Verse 14:27; Called to Sacrifice

Matthew Chapter 26; Key Verse 26:13; Called to Remember

Romans Chapter 11; Key Verse 11:18; Called to Mutual Acceptance

Matthew Chapter 5; Key Verses 5:23-24; Love One Another

Ruth Chapter 3; Key Verse 3:10; A Covenant to Marry

1 Kings Chapter 17; Key Verse 17:16; Active Faith

1 Kings Chapter 8; Key Verse 8:30; Solomon Seeks God’s Blessing

Matthew 6; Key Verse 6:1; God-honoring Piety